What NOT to Listen to Before Bed

Eric D. on 9th Sep 2019

Hey guys, this is Eric from DubsLabs and welcome to another episode of Sleep Hacks. Today, I want to talk to you about what I personally listened to as I'm going to bed and some recommendations that can help you fall asleep faster. You can be listening through speaker or you can be listening through product that we make called Bedphones, which are headphones that you can wear to sleep. You can get them on our website at www.dubslabs.com.

Anyway, I am an avid podcast listener. For me, I don't really listen to podcasts that are stories about people. This American Life podcast like that, I do enjoy them but most of the podcasts I listened to our business podcasts and product development, podcasts and sometimes financial podcasts as well. I find them so interesting and I just love absorbing all this information. Podcasts are an amazing gift, we're able to basically hear interviews with like the foremost experts on all these different topics. There's just so many podcasts to listen to out there. It's just a great time to be alive.

Anyway, I had to stop this habit a long time ago. I used to listen to business podcast as soon as I woke up on my way to work and when I got back home. When I got into bed, I would listen to podcasts and then go to sleep. I had to stop this because what happened was, it would make my brain just run. I would just like start thinking about business and growing DubsLabs and just like other things that I could do to optimize my life and sleep hacks and stuff like that. Honestly, it's too much thinking when you're trying to go to sleep. It's really hard to go from like this thinking kind of work state to passed out in bed and dreaming away. Sometimes I'll be listening to a business podcast and I'll fall sleep and I'll just literally dream about work all night, which isn't very healthy.

I definitely tried to move towards listening to relaxing music. I really like to listen to some relaxing piano or jazz. I have done some nature sounds. There are amazing nature tracks on Spotify. We've even created some playlists that we've thrown up on our site with different sounds of waves, crickets, thunderstorms, like a babbling brook, and things like that. It's awesome. Or white noise if you just want to keep it simple. Then also, I do enjoy listening to novels on tape like audiobooks. You can use services such as Audible.com for that. My personal favorite is I use an app called Libby which allows me to take out audio books for free through my local library. It's really awesome so get yourself a library card, get yourself Libby app on your phone and start listening to really any audio book you can think of. They have a huge selection.

OverDrive is a great one as well. I highly recommend steering away from the real kind of businessy, the life hacky, self improvement, anything like that that's going to really get you to think and try to move towards music or any audio books that are going to be more entertaining that allow you to sort of shut your brain off before sleep and it'll help you fall asleep faster. Trust me, it's a great great way to relax before bed.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please subscribe and thank you so much. I'll see you soon.