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Go ahead and fall asleep to your favorite music, audiobooks, podcasts, and soothing sounds with our patented on-ear, incredibly thin, infinitely adjustable sleep headphones.

  • Block out snoring
    Listen to your music to help mask the sounds of snoring
  • Enjoy movies in bed
    Perfect for those nights in on the couch or your pillow without disturbing your partner
  • Relax to meditation
    Bedphones' light weight means you'll hardly feel them on your ears
  • Relieve tinnitus
    Listening to sounds can mask the ringing to help you fall asleep peacefully


"I need to purchase another pair soon. These are SO comfortable. My husband has hearing aids, so these will be perfect for him because nothing goes into your ear. I just love my set!"
- Tiffi G.

"I bought the Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones as a gift. My spouse uses them almost every night and really likes them."
- Anonymous

"I can fall asleep to my various podcasts and sleep apps because the bedphones let me sleep on my side as I prefer to do."
- Irene G.

"Use them to listen to white noise to block out husband’s snoring. Very comfortable to sleep on side."
- Sally N.

One-year warranty

One-Year Warranty

We've poured years of research and development into making our headphones the best products possible, and we will replace them free of charge if they stop working within our 1-year warranty period.

30-day Guarantee

30-Day Guarantee

Buy your Bedphones or Versafit headphones today and return them anytime in the next 30 days for a full refund - no questions asked.

Free US Shipping

Free US Shipping

Buy a pair of DubsLabs headphones today and we'll ship to you for free (2-5 business days). And international shipping is a low flat rate of just $10!

How are Bedphones designed for sleep?

Listening to music before sleep is proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The benefits of better sleep include:

  • Improved memory/learning/productivity
  • Better mood
  • Lower weight
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Longer lifespan

Most headphones on the market are too uncomfortable to wear to bed. That is why we designed Bedphones to be the thinnest, most comfortable headphones for sleeping ever made.

Most small headphones on the market are earbud-style, which means you insert them into your ear-canal. This in-ear design is incredibly uncomfortable for side-sleepers because the force of your ear against a pillow pushes earbuds too deep into your ear canal.

Our on-ear design gives Bedphones a much larger surface area than in-ear/earbud designs. This large surface area combined with our incredibly thin speaker assembly allows Bedphones to lie flat against your ears while exerting minimal force against the ear.

Bedphones stay on your ears using unique memory-wire earhooks that can be bent around the ears for a perfect fit. The earhooks can be re-bent as many times as needed and are virtually indistructable. And because you can bend the memory-wire earhooks as tight as needed, Bedphones won't easily fall off your ears, which makes them great for both sleeping and as everyday headphones.

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Free U.S. shipping and 30-day return policy

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$99.95 USD