Your Mood and Sleep

Alexa L. on 9th Sep 2019

Hello and welcome back to Sleep Hacks. I'm Alexa from DubsLabs and today we're going to be talking about how your sleep affects your mood and vice versa.

We likely all know how sleep or lack of can affect your physical and mental health. You likely learned the hard way like I did that pulling all nighter can lead to feelings of grogginess, being easily irritated, and not really having the ability to focus like you normally could. Lack of sleep and mood disorders are actually really closely related and can sometimes have you wondering if it was the sleepy chicken or the stressed out egg that left you wanting to cry about being out of paper towels.

Not surprisingly, people who experience overly stressful days consistently often have trouble falling asleep. Just as those who report having trouble falling asleep report poor focus and memory and being easily irritable and easily emotional. Lucky for you. We do have tips on improving your bed routine to allow for better sleep and a better you the next day.

One of my favorite ways to work through negative feelings from the day is to journal your frustration out. You can find more of our bedtime routine hacks listed below in the episode description. We will link it there for you. So the next time you feel more out of it or more easily irritated than normal, consider your current sleeping habits and browse our channel for some tips that we hope will help you sleep better and feel better.

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