What To Wear To Sleep

Alexa L. on 9th Sep 2019

Hello and welcome back to Sleep Hacks. I'm Alexa and today we are going to find out what exactly you should wear to bed, if anything. Getting those seven to nine hours of sleep a day is often easier said than done. Not only do you have to work on your daily habits like caffeine consumption and physical activity to help you get to rest, your sleeping environment is also extremely crucial to allowing your body and mind to relax enough for you to get a good night's rest and this includes what you bring to sleep as well. Let's get the birthday suit out of the way first. If this is your style, you actually are right on track.

Let's face it, your body knows how to regulate your body especially if you aren't throwing in fabrics that are different thicknesses and breathe abilities that can make it a little more difficult to self regulate. When your body can reach the optimal sleeping temperature and have full range of motion throughout the night, you're a lot more likely to both fall asleep faster and to stay asleep.

Now let's talk clothes. You'll likely want to opt for more natural materials like cotton, silk, or wool. Now, these obviously depend on your climate and whether you're looking for your clothes to warm you up or cool you down throughout the night. Loose fitting clothing is also extremely important. I mean, can you imagine trying to fall asleep and clothes that are hugging your entire body? I think we should leave that role to a weighted blanket instead of compression shorts. Essentially, the old school image of your grandparents silk pajamas might actually be your best bet here and of course you can make them a little more stylish, but the loose fit, the soft breathable fabric is kind of your ticket to a good night's rest. These materials and the fit also applies to socks and yes, you are supposed to wear socks to bed. Lucky for you, we even made a video for you all about why you should do this and how it can improve your sleep.

Now, let's think headwear during sleep. Most people don't necessarily think of eye masks or headphones as sleep essentials but you'd be surprised how much of a difference it can make when you're able to take out the sight and sound distractions when you're trying to get a good night's rest. There are lots of people who are extremely sensitive to light. I'll just tell you, blackout curtains and blinds are not necessarily the cheapest option. If you can find loose fitting material that's soft, pretty much identical to your pajamas that fit loosely around your head, your kind of set. And the headphones? Well, just make sure they're the more meshy material instead of the hard headphones. You definitely don't want to fall asleep with those in your ears. Use headphones not only to not hear your crazy neighbors, you also get to listen to the awesome relaxing podcasts that we've also made a video for. Add putting on your comfiest cleanest pair of PJs to your bedtime routine and I think with all of our other sleep hacks combined, you can probably get to your best sleep soon enough.

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