Wear Socks to Bed

Eric D. on 9th Sep 2019

Hey guys, this is Eric from DubsLabs and welcome to another episode of Sleep Hacks. Today, I want to talk to you about wearing socks to bed. This is a hack I discovered a few years back, I believe I heard it from the one and only Tim Ferriss. And basically, what you do is you get into bed, you put on a fresh pair of socks, and you fall asleep faster. It's really, really an amazing sleep hack. It costs virtually no money. It works super well and I've been trying it for a few years now and I think it definitely helps me fall asleep faster and get a better night's sleep.

So what happens is, typically when I get into bed, my hands and feet are really cold and that means that the blood vessels are constricted in my hands and feet so what I do is I put socks on, right? It warms my feet, it allows the blood vessels to dilate something called vasodilation and that allows the blood to flow around more easily, that allows the blood to move throughout the body. The way I think of it is this, when my feet are cold, that is the furthest point away from my core. As you probably know when you go to sleep, you want your core body temperature to drop about one to two degrees and that helps you fall asleep quicker. By keeping my feet warm, it makes it so that my heart doesn't have to pump as much blood to my feet to keep them warm. Therefore, my heart doesn't have to work as hard. Therefore, my core body temperature can lower faster.

It's a really great sleep hack. I definitely recommend trying it. I recommend also trying different kinds of socks, wool, Merino, cotton. Try different things and try to figure out what works. This hack goes great with lowering the temperature in your room because when you lower the temperature in your room, you might feel really cold and one of the first things to get cold is your feet so if you're wearing socks, your feet will stay nice and toasty and you can fall asleep quicker.

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