Top Music Choices to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Bedphones on 22nd Sep 2016

Healthy habits, such as listening to the right type of music before bed, can drastically improve your sleep quality. The question is, what is that music type? 

At Bedphones, we recommend that you find music that is not over stimulating. Your sleep music should calm your mind, allowing you to get a full night's sleep. Bedphones recommends the following three styles for a great night sleep:

Nature Sounds:

Ocean waves, thunderstorms, or rain forest sounds can all be pleasant to sleep to. Natural noises include slight fluctuations in amplitude and frequency. This means that we are not able to predict a pattern. When we listen to music with lyrics, we hear a pattern which can be disruptive. Nature sound’s temporal modulations prevent our brains from becoming agitated from repetition.

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Classical Music

Studies have shown that classical music is the ideal choice for restless sleepers. The most effective music uses strings and should stay at 60 BPM or less.

Upbeat classical music, such as concertos or fugues, should be avoided. When you look for classical music for sleep, you should look for music without words and uses a relaxing composition. Classical music has induced sleep best for students and the elderly.

Top Classical Music Songs for Sleep

  1. Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. Gymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie
  3. Symphony 9, 3rd movement, Adagio molto e cantabile by Ludwig van Beethoven
  4. Clair De Lune – by Claude Debussy
  5. Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068 by Johann Sebastian Bach
  6. Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  7. Serenade no.10 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  8. Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber
  9. Canon in D by Pachelbel
  10. Méditation from the opera Thaïs by Jules Massenet
  11. Piano Quintet in A Major – 2, Andante by Franz Schubert
  12. Berlin Song by Einaudi
  13. Piano Concerto in A minor by Edvard Grieg
  14. Clarinet Quintet in B Minor by Johannes Brahms

White Noise

White noise can be one of the most effective methods to mask external sounds. The noise can also help you concentrate and study. Using white noise is becoming increasingly more popular to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Top Three Reasons to Try White Noise

  1. Once You Are Asleep, You Will Stay Asleep
  2. Keeps Your Bedroom Quiet
  3. Shuts Down Your Busy Brain

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White Noise Free – TMSOFT

Is there One Perfect Song that Will Put You to Sleep?

According to the British Academy of Sound Therapy, there is one perfect song for a great night’s sleep. The institution collaborated with the Marconi Union to produce the most relaxing song ever, “Weightlessness”.

Lyz Cooper, founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy  explains how they used scientific theory to create the relaxing effect. The rhythm of “Weightlessness” synchronizes with your heart rate, starting at 60 bpm and lowering to 50 bpm.

The song’s length is important as well. Your body requires five minutes to sync to the song, therefore the song is eight minutes long. The length ensures that your blood pressure has the opportunity to drop.

“Weightlessness” relies on harmonic intervals –or gaps between notes to create the feeling of euphoria and comfort. There are no repeated melodies; therefore your brain is never predicting what comes next. “Weightlessness” consists of chimes, Buddhist chants, and low-whooshing sounds.

“Weightlessness” is the song that many restless sleepers have been looking for. Download. Listen to “Weightlessness” on your Bedphones as you fall asleep at night. You can find Weightlessness at the recording below:

Over  40 million Americans live with sleep disorders and 20 million have trouble sleeping. For your moments of unrest, it is important to listen to sleep inducing music on your Bedphones. We recommend trying nature sounds, white noise, classical music, “Weightlessness”, or soothing podcasts if you are looking for music to help you sleep. Each has proven effects to put the mind at ease.