The Health Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

Bedphones on 28th Sep 2016

With our long list of to-do's, we can go weeks without a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, missing sleep can seriously impact our personal and professional lives. 

When you improve your quality of sleep, you can focus better, work harder, and feel more refreshed. We created Bedphones to help you reach optimum health benefits of a good night’s sleep.

How Much Sleep Do We Need As Adults?

There is no magic number for the amount of sleep we need per night. The average adult needs between seven to nine hours per night. Next time you don't set an alarm, pay attention to how much sleep you get. Allow yourself to wake up at your body’s natural rhythm. The number of hours that your body rests will be approximately your sleep number. 

You might need to average up to seven alarm-free days to find your sleep number. We realize that many of our customers set an alarm every day. Finding your average could take a few months but feeling refreshed could greatly improve your quality of life. 

The amount of sleep you need depends upon a number of factors:

  • Your Genes
  • Your Health
  • Your Activity Level

Sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. There are a number of reasons to why. Here are the top benefits to getting a good night’s sleep:

Healthy Brain Function and Emotional Well-Being

Sleeping is like turning your computer off and on. When you sleep, you are restoring your nervous system. The Society of Neuroscience has proven that sleep deprivation can cause a “reduced metabolism and blood flow in multiple brain regions.” These symptoms start after 16 hours without sleep. Without sleep your cognitive functions and arousal can suffer.

Efficiency and Productivity

When we are tired, we are more likely to cause errors. This can occur in the workplace or at school. Sometimes the effects of our errors can be deadly, such as a drowsy driving fatality.

Improve Memory

Did your teachers ever tell you to get a good night’s sleep before a test? That’s because your brain is busy processing information when you sleep. Consequentially, memories are made from your brain’s processing.

Without adequate sleep your memory becomes foggy, your judgement poor, and your fine motor skills hindered. Next time you have the option to cram until 2 am or get a good night’s sleep, we recommend putting on your Bedphones and getting a full night’s rest.

Better Mood

More sleep doesn’t guarantee a good mood. On the other hand, haven’t you noticed that when you are tired, you are more likely to snap? Sleep deprivation can cause emotional stress that puts you in a bad mood.

Weight Gain

Weight control is a struggle for many people. Adding sleep to your schedule can help you keep your weight down. This is due to behavioral and physiological imbalances.

If you are behavioral then you overtired which may cause you to loose energy to go on a run.

A physiological problem is due to imbalanced hormones. The hormone leptin causes you to feel full. If you are tired then you are more likely to overeat.

Risk of Injury

A good night’s sleep might not actually keep you safer but sleep deprivation has been linked to a higher risk of injury. For example, sleep deprivation was linked to a number of disasters, including the Exxon Valdez and destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The Institute of Medicine Claims that one out of five car accidents are due to sleep deprivation.

Quality of Life

Every health benefit of sleep leads to living longer and happier. Sleep deprivation can cause inflammation and cardiovascular diseases which can lead to cancer. You might also find concentrating more difficult. Numerous weight, memory, emotional, and physical struggles come from being chronically tired. Bedphones can help you achieve the deep sleep to improve your quality of life.

Everyone needs a different amount of sleep to be healthy. It is most important to figure out your healthy number of hours and make that your nightly goal by adopting healthy pre-bedtime habits. Bedphones can help you get the sleep to wake up refreshed every day.