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5 Tips For Riding a Bicycle With Headphones

Listening to music while riding a bike can increase your endurance as much as 15% while lowering your perception of effort.

Check out these five tips below to stay safe:

  • 1. Don't wear headphones that cover your ears or go inside your ear canals.

    These will block outside noise so that you aren't aware of your surroundings.
  • 2. Stay extra-aware of traffic and pedestrians.

    It is your responsibility to look where you are going and watch out for others on the trail or the road.
  • 3. Do not wear headphones with active noise-cancelling technology.

    Active noise cancelling headphones are great for flying, but for riding, leave them at home.
  • 4. Use wireless headphones to avoid getting tangled.

    A wired headphone cable can easily snag on your handlebars or other parts of your bike.
  • 5. Leave the phone in your pocket.

    Touchscreen phones force you to look at a screen to control your music. Instead, use headphones with in-inline music controls so that you can keep your eyes on the road or trail.

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Work up a sweat to your favorite tunes with Versafit, our sweatproof and wireless version of Bedphones. The on-ear design allows you to hear your surroundings for a safer workout, and they're thin-enough to fit under helmets.

  • Hear your surroundings - Patented on-ear design won't block outside noise so you can hear cars and fellow cyclists

  • Infinitly adjustable - Memory wire earhooks keep Versafit on your ears even on the rowdiest trails

  • Wireless Connectivity - Leave the phone in your jersey pocket, and rock out with 13 hours of battery life

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Wrapped in soft sweatproof silicone rubber, Versafit delivers sweet sounds of music without plugging up your ears. Their lie-flat on-ear design won't block out ambient noise so you can hear trail directions from a friend or that car coming up behind you.

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One-year warranty

One-Year Warranty

We've poured years of research and development into making our headphones the best products possible, and we will replace them free of charge if they stop working within our 1-year warranty period.

30-day Guarantee

30-Day Guarantee

Buy your Bedphones or Versafit headphones today and return them anytime in the next 30 days for a full refund - no questions asked.

Free US Shipping

Free US Shipping

Buy a pair of DubsLabs headphones today and we'll ship to you for free (2-5 business days). And international shipping is a low flat rate of just $10!

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"Excellent product for cycling! Exceeded my expectations!
I received my Versafits sooner than the estimated delivery date. They were packaged well and charged up quickly. I have used them around the house, at work, skateboarding and cycling. The fit is great. Sound quality is incredible for speakers that sit outside the ear. Love the fact that I can still hear traffic and other sounds around me. Took a 50-mile bike ride with them today and they proved to be everything I was hoping for and more. I highly recommend these for anyone active outdoors or in an environment where situational awareness is important. "

-Josh King, Verified Customer