Can Reading Help You Fall Asleep?

Alexa L. on 9th Sep 2019

My name is Alexa and today we are going to investigate what reading before bed does for you and your sleep. I'm sure this isn't just me and I hope I'm not offending any of my favorite authors or past English teachers when I say this, but really makes me sleepy whether I want it to or not.

A stress test that is completed at the University of Sussex revealed that participants whose stress levels were increased for the purpose of the experiment took only about six minutes to get back to normal when they tried reading as a means to relax. Not only that, but it topped drinking tea and listening to music in efficiency and calmness. I'm feeling better about my earlier comment already. Just like the other muscles in your body, your brain needs a little bit of a workout sometimes too and just like if you want for a really good run and slept really well after the same goes for the exercise up here.

Another benefit of adding this to your bedtime routine. Another study found that people who participated in these cognitive exercises were 2.5 times less likely to develop cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's. On a non so scientific note, I can attest to how good you can feel after reading before bed. It feels pretty similar in the result to writing or journaling. Essentially, you take your mind off of your to do list and put all of your focus on something that actually does captivate your attention and entertains you.

Diving in or just dipping a toe into reading a good book before bed can also mean that you might experience increased concentration and creativity. Think about what scrolling through Instagram or Facebook does to your attention span in general, let alone when you're trying to fall asleep, not to mention learning from and empathizing with a brand new storyline can leave you feeling a lot better for your next work day when you just have to deal with your annoying desk neighbor. Surprisingly, they're even recommended ways to read when you're getting ready to get comfy with the book before bedtime.

Eye strain can be a common occurrence if you haven't figured out the right position for reading in bed. Experts suggest propping yourself up with pillows to read versus lying down flat with your book right above your head. You'll also want to put pillows underneath your knees and your lower back to make sure that you aren't straining your body either. So yes, we found a purpose for your 20 decorative pillows on your bed.

Okay, I hope you're convinced to grab a good book and snuggle up and hopefully knock out after page five. If you liked this video, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on all things Sleep Hacks. See you next time and sleep well.