Best Music for Falling Asleep

Alexa L. on 9th Sep 2019

Hello and welcome back to Sleep Hacks where we give you simple tips to help you sleep better at night so you can get through your days as your best self. I'm Alexa and today we are going to dive in to what music is actually best for helping you fall asleep since we've all likely outgrown a good old fashioned lullaby.

Okay, when I learned the statistic about the top artists on Spotify that people listen to to fall asleep, I figured I had to share. Do you have a guess? I think it's probably wrong because it's Ed Sheeran. Now, I know this may not be for everybody, but it seemed to be for a lot of people on Spotify so maybe I just carried your sleepless night in 10 seconds. But really, why does music help with sleep so much? The fact of the matter is that sleep helps relax your body by calming your heart rate and your breath allowing you to fully relax. Normally, listening to familiar music before bed is recommended but if you do want to try some similar new music, you'll likely feel your body releasing those feel good hormones in response.

Now I'll give the obvious recommendation first, classical music. But, not all classical music is created equally. With classical and really any genre that you pick, you want to go for a relaxing tune. Usually for classical piano heavy music is your best option. Fly of the Bumblebee is a little stressful, honestly, to listen to so I would opt away from that and more towards something that sounds like it should be titled 'Slumber'.

Next step is meditation music. Essentially, anything that you would hear while you're getting a massage or in a yoga class. These ones are often a success for me especially if there are some nature sounds mixed in. Sometimes it's just nice to feel like you're going to bed in Bali instead of wherever you are. Some people do well with music that has lyrics but if you aren't sure, I would recommend listening to music that's in a different language. This way, you're able to quiet your mind and actually relax instead of trying to analyze your favorite artists lyrics.

Finally, and this one is a bit broad, but essentially anything called chill insert genre music. I think you'd be surprised that any genre or subgenre has a pretty calming counterpart to listen to. YouTube, Spotify, all of the streaming services pretty much anything you could possibly think of. All right, enough talking about the best tunes to get the best night's rest. I think I'll leave you with these tips to explore later tonight when you're laying in bed wondering if the email that you sent to your boss sounded awkward.

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