A Bedtime Routine For Your Best Sleep

Alexa L. on 9th Sep 2019

Hi, thanks for tuning in to Sleep Hacks by DubsLabs. I'm Alexa from DubsLabs and today we're going to be talking about how to set yourself up for the best night's sleep possible.

Life is crazy, and we're all rushing around all day and you may find yourself in a position where it's hard to feel sleepy even if you're mentally and physically exhausted from the day. Well, it turns out that the best way to combat the sleepy struggle is to develop a nighttime routine that allows you to relax mentally and physically. The goal of these bedtime routines is to prevent the release of Cortisol, the stress hormone. So needless to say, activities like reading and taking a bath are likely going to be your best bets here.

I don't know about you, but something about reading makes me immediately tired. No offense to my favorite authors. Fun fact, the quick rise and fall in body temperature from going in the bath or shower and getting out actually promote sleepiness, as if you weren't already convinced to take a bath.

If you're someone like me who tends to have a racing mind during the day and at night, I can't recommend journaling enough. Something about releasing your thoughts on paper really clears your mind and allows you to relax in a different way. What I like to do is commit to one page in my journal, maybe it takes 20 minutes, maybe it takes two minutes. I ramble on even if all I'm saying is I don't even know what to write right now as long as I fill up my page and I have the opportunity to decompress on paper.

Another tip to help you relax before bedtime is to stretch. Whether this means taking an in person or YouTube yoga class or just touching your toes and moving your arms around for a little bit, it makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep that you can get. If you can decrease points of discomfort before even getting into bed, you're a lot less likely to toss and turn throughout the night.

For the final tip. I think you're gonna like this one. You can watch TV, a movie, listen to it, podcast, but only if it's something that actually calms your mind. As much as I'm on board with freaking out over Game of Thrones with you guys, I definitely think you're going to need to lean more toward a nature documentary or the multi-generational hero who supports us all, Bob Ross.

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