What Is A Good Sleeping Heart Rate?

19th Sep 2020

When we sleep, our whole body chills out. Our muscles relax, our autonomic functions slow down, and the pathways between the brain and the body take a little break. But although everything relaxes, it … read more

How Many Calories Do You Burn Sleeping?

17th Aug 2020

Calories! Many of us have a kind of love/hate relationship with them. We love that it’s become so easy to calculate what we’re eating and hate that our food contains so many of them. We love that we c … read more

How To Sleep With Curly Hair

7th Jul 2020

It’s quite a challenge having curly hair. Those of us with wild twirls wish we had stick-straight hair, while those with sleek hair gush about how they’d love to have our curls. BUT WOULD THEY REALLY? … read more

What Are Precognitive Dreams?

26th Jun 2020

Have you ever had an experience where you dreamed about something and a while later it came true? It may seem like a coincidence but it’s actually a documented phenomenon, and it’s gaining interest in … read more

How Long Does It Take To Fall Asleep?

12th Jun 2020

I’m sure we all know the frustrating feeling of really wanting to fall asleep, but not being able to. Your mind seems to be working on its own track, keeping you awake no matter how much you want to d … read more