Moonbow Adjustable Plush Memory Pillow

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Product Description

Congratulations. Your lifelong search of finding the perfect pillow to keep your neck straight and relaxed by cradling your head at the perfect height has finally come to a glorious end. We filled this pillow with love — meaning we filled it with the plushest memory foam on Earth. This memory foam has a fast rebound, so it re-shapes to your head whenever you shift positions or turn over. To use it, just unzip the super soft bamboo/polyester blend cover and add or subtract layers as needed to find your pillow height sweet spot. You’ll know it’s the sweet spot when your head and neck feel sweet. That’s it. You’re done. Let the power of the pillow take it from here.

Care Instructions

Only pillow cover can be washed. Use liquid detergent only. Do not tumble dry, bleach, or iron.

Moonbow Adjustable Pillow demonstation showing how to adjust pillow height

Five layers of height ajustment

Our Adjustable Plush Memory Pillow is filled with five removable layers of memory foam. Add or remove layers to adjust the thickness of the pillow for perfect head and neck alignment.
Woman on floor hugging Moonbow Adjustable Plush Memory Pillow

Perfectly Plush

We spent a lot of time dialing in the feel of our memory foam. Our foam is luxuriously dense, yet plush enough to softly cradle your head and re-shape instantly when you turn over.
Woman sleeping on Moonbow Adjustable Plush Memory Pillow

Better than hitting the hay

We've enclosed the five adjustable layers of memory foam in a super-soft bamboo/polyester blend zippered pillow cover. Simply unzip, add or remove layers, throw on your own favorite pillow case, and enjoy a deep sleep that's free from neck pain.

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Woman hugging Moonbow Adjustable Plush Memory Pillow