Interview: Fitness Trainer Paris Nunn Dishes on High-Impact Exercises to Get You Fit for the Spring

Stephanie Hernandez on 4th Mar 2019

Whether you’re a newbie to fitness, or a long-time gym rat, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an excellent way to build strength and burn fat. With workouts that alternate between bursts of intense activity and fixed periods of less-intense active rest - HIIT is a technique designed to give you maximum results, in a short amount of time. Efficient and convenient, it’s the perfect workout to fit into a busy schedule.

In this exclusive interview, we talk with Miami-based trainer, Paris Nunn, about all things fitness. Learn about what inspired her fitness journey, find out how she stays balanced, and start working up a sweat with the HIIT routine she shares with us!

Paris Nunn - Miami-Based Fitness Trainer

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Paris Nunn, and I live in Miami Beach, Florida. I come from a Caribbean and British background. I work for Lululemon and I am a trainer on Miami Beach.

“I have a passion for fitness and female empowerment. My goal is to build my fitness platform, and be able to influence girls around the world through body positivity, self confidence and self love/care.”

When did you first get into fitness? What's been your inspiration?

My fitness journey started 2 years ago. Well, I’ve always been active, playing sports and whatnot; however, I didn’t make it my lifestyle until about 2 years ago - when I decided to start competing like my father did.

He’s been my inspiration from day one, and always taught me to be 2ND 2 NUNN. Then, during my Peace Corps Service in Ethiopia, I developed a passion for girls’ empowerment. After returning back to America, I decided to merge the two together. Since then, it’s been my mission to build something in the US to show girls Every Body is beautiful.

Paris Nunn Posing with Other Girls

For those looking to incorporate an at-home fitness routine into their daily schedule, what is a good high-impact workout schedule?

I would suggest incorporating 3-4 HIIT sessions into your weekly schedule, in addition to a resistance training and cardio split routine. You don’t want to overdo it. Too much can be very hard on the joints - which is counter productive! You want to do it enough to get the results you want - without burning yourself, or your body out.

About how long should people expect to wait before seeing results?

Everybody and Every Body is different. When looking for change, I would say it takes about 30 days to see a physical difference and noticeable results. However, after a few days of healthy eating and consistent exercise you FEEL the difference immediately. Be patient and trust the process.

Is it necessary to buy any equipment, like weights?

I would recommend buying 5-15 pound weights when wanting to workout at home. Using weight will help with building strength, weight loss, and increased definition. However resistance bands are another cheap and very effective piece of equipment that you can use at home for every muscle group, and it is so versatile. Perfect for travel, too!

What’s your favorite exercise and why?

My favorite exercise would have to be lower body day, doing squats, lunges and deadlifts. I love training lower body! It’s the foundation, and all of the movements are functional movements we use everyday. It can be the most difficult, but I love the challenge and like pushing my body to its limits.

Paris Nunn at Gym

With all the training you do, what are some things that help you keep a balanced life?

With my rigorous training right now, it’s not in the plan to go out to eat and drink with friends. It’s just not a part of my routine; however, I try to keep a balance so that training doesn’t become a job. I have an amazing coach, boyfriend, and support system that all help remind me to stay balanced. To clear my mind, I love going to the beach, hanging out on the water, going kayaking, reading, and just being outdoors so that I am not always in a gym. 

"Remembering to throw in some fun, and packing healthy meals to bring on the go help me stay balanced!"

Are you currently training for any upcoming events?

As of now I am prepping for my first bodybuilding show!I have an amazing coach, Natalie Navas, and I am excited to step on stage.

To someone just getting started on incorporating fitness into their daily routine, what would your advice to them be?

My advice to someone just starting is to be patient and be consistent. 

"We live in a time now where we want to have IMMEDIATE results, we want to attain things quickly and have instant gratification. But a fitness journey is opposite of that. To get the results you desire and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to not give up, and you need be consistent." 

There are no shortcuts or cheat codes. The results will come, and when they do, you realize all that hard work is worth it. It’s very motivating to see changes, and it’ll keep you rolling. Also, forgive yourself, you’re human. If you slip up and eat that chocolate and cheat meal - that’s okay! All that matters is that you get right back on it!

High-Impact Exercises to Get You Fit for Spring

A routine from certified personal trainer, Paris Nunn

Paris Nunn in Beach Wear

Repeat each circuit 3-4 times. Challenge yourself! But always be sure to listen to your body. If any exercise is painful, or you have an injury, modify the move. Another important tip - always warm up and cool down. And most important, STRETCH. Recovery is just as important as the workout, if not more. In between each round, rest for 45 seconds - this will keep your heart rate up, and allow your body to continue staying in that fat burning zone. Rest and recovery continues even outside the gym - prioritize a good night's sleep. Always! For those new to HIIT - there are a TON of YouTube tutorials that’ll explain exactly how to perform each exercise.

“I love this routine. And, the best part - you can literally do these HIIT workouts anywhere!”

Upper Body:

Pushups - 20

20 seconds rest

Shoulder Taps - 20 each shoulder

20 seconds rest

Triceps Dips - 20

20 seconds rest

Burpees with Pushup - 12


Lower Body:

High Knees - 30 seconds

20 seconds rest

Alternating Jumping Lunges - 15 each leg

20 seconds rest

Side Lunges - 15 each leg

20 seconds rest

Jumping Squats - 15-20


**If you can’t jump Or want to avoid impact, pulse on these movements as necessary.


Sit Ups - 25

20 seconds rest

Mountain Climbers - 20 seconds

20 seconds rest

Russian Twists - 25

20 seconds rest

Scissor Kicks - 25


Total Body:

Burpees - 12

20 seconds rest

Mountain Climbers - 20 seconds

20 seconds rest

Jumping Jacks - 20

20 seconds rest

Squat Jump with a Pulse Squat In-Between - 15

(squat jump and pulse counts as 1)

20 seconds rest

Plank - 30 seconds

20 seconds rest

“Always remember - be patient and be consistent. Love your body! Appreciate your body!”

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