Moonbow Total Dark Sleep Mask

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Product Description

Soft, silvery and satin, this wide-designed, cotton-filled sleep mask hugs your face and ears to block out every bit of pesky ambient light. Why are we so obsessed with total darkness? An absence of light allows your brain to release melatonin quicker, so you can fall asleep faster, conceivably before the end of this sentence. This eye mask is light. It’s breathable. And it has a nifty velcro design that comfortably adjusts to all head sizes, including yours. And as a free bonus, the over-ear design helps muffle ambient sounds. Total darkness and total quiet equals total sleep perfection. So slip this baby on and give us a wave on your way to slumbertown.

Care Instructions

Wash in cold water and air dry naturally. Do not tumble dry, bleach or iron.

Woman sleeping with Moonbow Total Dark Satin Eye Mask

Incredibly Comfortable All Night Long (All night)

Our Total Dark Sleep Mask is extra big, extra soft, yet remains breathable. Lionel Richie would approve.
Man sleeping with Moonbow Total Dark Satin Eye Mask

Blocks out light to fall asleep faster

Our sleep mask has 360-degree coverage of your head to help block light from all angles. Even the tiniest amount of light can suppress melatonin production, so cover up!
Couple sleeping with Moonbow Total Dark Satin Eye Mask

Infinitely Adjustable

Typical sleep masks use elastic bands that are uncomfortable and stretch out over time. Our sleep mask uses a secure velcro attachment that doesn't touch your ears and lets you size the mask perfectly for your head.