Tips on Improving Your Diet to Get Better Sleep

Tips on Improving Your Diet to Get Better Sleep

Posted by Bedphones on 28th Oct 2016

We are what we eat! I am sure that you have heard that before. But have you ever related your diet to sleep? Diet has a direct correlation to how you sleep at night. If you are sleeping poorly, t … read more

The Top Health Benefits of Meditation (Infograph)

Posted by Bedphones on 12th Oct 2016

We have all heard that meditation is good for our health, but do you really know why? After all, meditation can seem as simple as sitting with our eyes closed. In reality, the benefits from medit … read more

The Health Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

Posted by Bedphones on 28th Sep 2016

With our long list of to-do's, we can go weeks without a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, missing sleep can seriously impact our personal and professional lives. When you are well rested, you c … read more

Top Music Choices to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Posted by Bedphones on 22nd Sep 2016

The right type of music can help you sleep. The question is, what is that music type?  At Bedphones, we recommend that you find music that is not over stimulating. Your sleep music should ca … read more

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Posted by Bedphones on 3rd Nov 2014

We already know that sleep is amazing.You can build muscle in your sleep, increase your brain function and your coordination, plus a whole lot of other things. But all of that stuff depends on getting … read more

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